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Joanna Vargas

Hi! I’m Joanna— an enthusiastic, detail-oriented So. Cal native living for spontaneous travel, sunshine, cold brew, and (completed) checklists.


In the last decade, I’ve held a variety of diverse roles within fast-paced agency environments. I’m a visually-fluent Producer, Project Manager and Brand Designer skilled in leading creative teams through major design, development, branding, experiential event, video production, and integrated social projects for clients like Facebook, Instagram, Disney, Google, and Ubisoft.


When I’m not shepherding projects (or lending an empathetic ear to my creative team), you can find me paddling out for some saltwater therapy or trying to (foam basketball) dunk on my two daughters, Ensley and Cardiff.


Most importantly, I’ve ripped a handle clean off a microwave, hit myself in the face with it in one smooth motion, and lived to tell the tale. In my world, a good workout will cure just about anything, sarcasm is the smartest form of humor and dogs are the best animals. Ready to work together? Let’s get up and go.


Current Services:

  • Branding + Identity Design
  • Art + Creative Direction
  • UI + UX Design
  • Print + Packaging Design
  • Project Management + Video Production


I love new friends! Find me on LinkedIn, check out my video work, or drop me a note. You can also view my resumé here.