Camp Shred Poster Sprint

Reimagining a series of promotional posters for a local surf event with only one hour to create.

Before touching anything digitally, I spent five minutes quickly sketching out several basic wireframe ideas. Outlining a grid and ensuring I had enough space for the required assets meant I could maximize the time exploring actual creative layouts. Then, I begin scanning reliable stock image sites and pulling down some high-quality options as potential backdrops.


After dropping in the essential information and sponsor logos, I mapped out two immediate ideas for photo-centric posters, one idea for a typography focused layout and a final idea centered around fun watercolor icons. With only an hour to create, I knew I wanted to build as diverse a body of work as possible without spending too much time in this stage, so I made sure my elements were balanced and moved on with 20 minutes remaining.


With my primary ideas locked in, and the clock running out, I finally brought in some color and depth with a variety of textures. In the last 10 minutes, I duplicated a handful of the ideas to quickly iterate and modify minor elements like the placement of the title, gradient color, and photo color saturation. As time was winding down, I did a QA scan and tightened up any last minute spacing. Overall, I had a blast creating this series.


Here’s a look at the original Camp Shred asset, for comparison.
Camp Shred Original Poster










Photo by Hermansyah on Unsplash
Photo by Mudassir Ali from Pexels
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay