Epicurrence Digital Brand Redesign

Retooling the digital presence for a Colorado-based creative design conference.


Retaining some of the best elements from the cool, edgy vibe on the existing Epicurrence site, I focused on the oversized COLORADO, the mountain silhouette, and the pops of vibrant yellow when re-imagining the new site. Overall, I wanted the user to feel the expansiveness of the creativity they’d experience at the conference and the fun of the daily details… all combined in a simple, easy-to-read grid.


As an extension of the new site, I created a handful of promotional print items. The posters and postcards fit neatly within the established design system and could be placed in cool coffee shops and design agencies to draw interest for new attendee sign-ups.


Removing the primary navy from the palette, I created an almost entirely desaturated email blast. Again, the COLORADO and mountain silhouette served as the heroes with the accents of bright yellow and pink gradient to draw the viewer’s eye down to the button CTA and essential information.


Class Assignment Exercise, all materials pulled from epicurrence.com
Billboard Mock created by berlionemore_contributor